2019 Build Season

Week 6


The programming team has worked diligently on the robot’s vision code with darknet. They have also collaborated with electrical to build a new driver station, they have already implemented the robot’s code and begun testing it. They also made significant progress on the code for the control loop and the calibration of cargo-tracking.


The electrical team worked on wiring the electrical board and cable-management. They also planned out where the battery box, pneumatic components for the climber and hatch manipulator should be mounted on the electrical board. Programming and electrical collaborated this week to build a new driver’s station. Electrical carefully wired, built, and cable managed it so programming could implement the robot’s code.


Throughout the week, mechanical team have been installing the climber pistons and climber motor to the robot, as well as making fixes and adjustments to the cargo intake. The pistons are especially essential for the climber mechanism, as they will push the robot upwards to reach higher levels platforms. Additionally, they have installed new encoders onto the chassis to assist the robot’s movement functionality.


Design team worked closely with mechanical team to ensure all parts are being built up to standard. Whenever they were informed of a design change from mechanical, they added it to the CAD so that they could potentially create a second bot. They also 3D printed encoder mounts and parts for the hatch intake and successfully installed them onto the robot.


The business team continued to work on grant applications, fundraising, and sponsorships throughout the entirety of the week. More on fundraising, the Danville Tower Grille fundraiser received more publicity this week, members of business have posted flyers around the school campus, we also advertised it on the school’s announcement. In light of demonstrating professionalism, members have worked on creating our own business cards. Members have made a list of companies who we plan on visiting to request sponsorships and meeting in person in the coming days. We finalized our business brochure and hope to print out copies before the competition. And in preparation for our pit at the competition, we have purchased materials for it, including a tent and banners.