2019 Build Season

Week 5


Coding for the robot’s vision was an important task for the programming team this week, as it is needed for the robot to recognize the cargo, hatch, as well as vision targets on the rocket and cargo ships. In addition, the team has also been working on a threaded logging code, for the purpose of easy debugging once we get to competition. This greatly improves the team’s ability to solve problems on the fly. On top of all this, the programming team started working on an autonomous path to be used during the competition’s “sandstorm period”, as well as improving vision code to detect hatches and balls from certain distances.


Wiring for the electrical board was an extremely important part of the electrical team’s work this week. The team has been working tirelessly on cable management for this essential part of the robot, and have begun to look into rubber covering for these wires. They have installed all of the critical components onto the electrical board, and are currently working on attaching hinges to it to make it swing out for easier access.They are almost finished with the completion of the electrical board, and they just need to integrate the electrical wiring for the robot.


The mechanical team made significant progress on the robot’s frame this week, and they dedicated a lot of hard work and time to it. They’ve also been putting work into installing a cargo manipulator mechanism, which is essential to the team’s strategy. Near the end of the week, the mechanical team started working on installing rails for the hatch mechanism. The mechanical team has been working in tandem with the design team allowing the ball to enter the intake comfortably, as they have had some critical issues with it. This week was a huge stride for the mechanical team in terms of the final robot’s progress for the competition, although there are many critical issues with intake functionality.


This week revolved around making dimensions for the robot in the design team. They have been working closely with the mechanical team to ensure everything is running smoothly and that parts are being fabricated the way the design team had envisioned. Fitting the main breaker onto the robot was another focus point this week and the design team has been looking for belts to be used for the cargo intake as well.


The first half of the business team’s week involved writing the Woodie Flowers award, and they researched grants throughout the entire week. One of our dedicated members came up with an organization board to ensure all of the business team’s jobs get done in a timely manner. They started implementing the system to ensure that a few members from the team are working on grants at all times. In addition, a mentor started interviewing members of our team for the Dean’s List essay.