2019 Build Season

Week 4


The programming team has been trying to make the competition robot follow the autonomous pathfinder. They have also been trying to get vision online, and multiple prototypes have been created, which will soon be calibrated and merged into the robot. Vision formulated an OpenCV database, which will compile all of the websites required to support the coding of the vision system.


The electrical team is currently working on pneumatics and testing pressure switches. They are also working on an intake system, as well as prepping stuff for the electrical board. As of writing, they have finalized design for the electrical board, and are currently making it.


After receiving a completed CAD, the mechanical team is currently working on the 1x1s and the chassis, including our main competition and kit of parts robot. We adhere to the mantra “measure thrice, cut once” where each and every member is triple-checking the measurements of any material being cut or drilled to ensure high quality robot machining.


The design team is currently focusing on finishing up the design of the robot. They also had to make the electrical board, add the hatch intake lifting mechanism and also modify the CAD so that it looked presentable. Their main focus right now is getting the part-sheets for the custom brackets done so that they can be machined this week.


Business has continued to work on the Woodie Flowers essay. They have also been working on the fundraiser for Chipotle and talked to the leadership teacher about a proposed Valentine’s Day Fundraiser in the future. A few members from the team were making a photo prop to have people take pictures with it and they plan to paint it next Wednesday. They have also tweaked pit design a bit.