2019 Build Season

Week 3


Preparation was a top priority this week for the mechanical team. They worked on mapping the robot’s structure and tested a new plate grabber along with the pneumatics system. After that, the team moved on to reassembling the kit-of-parts chassis as a backup robot. Some parts were missing, so they set a motion to purchase new parts. In addition, mechanical team also cut and fabricated parts for both the backup robot and the main robot.


This week was very busy for the programming team, as they added a variety of important features, such as depth sensing and a path finding algorithm. Not only that, but the programming team also worked with a custom built computer and a Kinect in order to get color-based vision working. So far, they have been able to accurately show how far away something is and are able to detect the cargo and the hatch.


While the design team was still working, the electrical team continued preparing for the season. They soldered motor controller connectors, tested pneumatic components, and built an entirely new electrical board with integrated cable management pathways for testing the chassis. When they didn’t work on the robot, they wired up shed lighting and cleaned the shed.


The design team was hard at work dealing with the major set back of creating a new CAD after realizing there were major flaws with the previous design. They were looking into integrating a pneumatic climber and a new electrical board into their design. These members sacrificed so much of their time to get our CAD back on track, and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank them for it.


The business team spent the week hopping from project to project. They worked on a t-shirt design and figured out things such as where to purchase them and their prices. The pit crew, meanwhile, refined the pit’s design, and later helped with the applications for awards such as Woodie Flowers. A fundraiser with Chipotle was planned out and is scheduled to happen on February 9th.  Laser-engraved keychains started to be made this week as well.