2019 Build Season

Week 2


All the mechanical people were busy throughout the week but continued to work on their projects. Field team was busy at work: making a second/third level HAB platform, making rocket field pieces, and making the human player station. While field worked, the rest of the mechanical team concentrated on the chassis. For the new robot design, they modified the chassis to match and put together the drivetrain gearboxes. Near the end of week, field started working on game pieces, but they still waited for parts for the human player station. In the meantime, mechanical built a chassis for practice and experience as well as to provide a test platform for programming.


Since mechanical and design are still working on designing the bot, most of the programming team this week worked on studying how to program the bot. They began the week by learning about PID controllers and control loops. Then, on Tuesday, they programmed PID controllers using the robot’s old elevator. Throughout the week, they also learned Kotlin and vision code.


While the other teams worked on creating the robot design and building the robot mechanical portions, electrical was busy preparing for their job on the robot later in the season. Our electrical lead taught the rest of the subteam about pneumatics and cable management, as well as reviewing all the electrical components, so the team would have experience prior to working on the robot. Later in the week, the electrical team moved on to creating the final design for the electrical board. Finally, near the end of the week, the electrical team moved on to wiring up a lighting system for the shed and collecting parts for the robot electrical board.


Design was especially busy throughout this week and faced multiple setbacks in their goal of designing the complete CAD of the robot by Wednesday. They worked on the CAD for intake and the arm and started calculating the arm’s control motor’s speed. By Wednesday, they completed the CAD for electrical board and intake. The final CAD design experienced some difficulties and was delayed to Friday.


Continuing their work from the week prior, the business team continued to bring their pit design to life as well as make prototypes of keychains. Work on pin designs began this week, one being finalized and the other being a work in progress. Multiple pit designs have been proposed, though the idea of a tent is prominent. In previous years, the pit hardly had structure aside from a few metal poles. Some have been skeptical of the tent, however, due to possible height restrictions. Keychain prototypes were made throughout the week, and the result was promising. Keychain designs were more or less completed.